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Focusrite ISA TWO


Focusrite ISA TWO

The ISA Two from Focusrite is a dual mono microphone preamp featuring transformer based microphone inputs with variable input impedance. Based on the legendary designs found in the Focusrite Forte and Studio consoles, the preamps provides up to 80 dB of gain, while two front panel instrument inputs allow for immediate access to two transparent DIs.

The microphone inputs feature a pair of Lundahl LL1538 transformers with a 3-section winding that results in very low leakage inductance, along with an extended frequency response. To shield them from stray magnetism, each is encapsulated in mu-metal cans. Each channel has a fully-balanced insert point, activated using a front-panel button, making it easy to insert a choice of outboard EQ, a compressor, or limiter.

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