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Maya Rae

Matt Andersen

Wet Future

Kele Fleming

Cross Parallel

Night Crawlers

Melanie Dekker

   •Secret Spot

    •Here and Now

Drew McKay

Katie Dahl

Matt Patershuk

The Ostara Project

Ajaye Jardine

Geoff Gibbons

Ryan Oliver

Joe Coughlin

Rich Aucoin

Doc Walke

Tanya Tagaq

Karin Plato

Joanie Taylor

Helen Hansen

Harpdog Brown

Vancouver Intercultural Orchestra

Jerry Cook

Jackson Hollow

Lisa Nicole

Mike Allen

Focus Your Audio

Andrew Christopher

Big Dave McLean

Danielle Marie

Dylan Weightman

Will Stroet

The New Pornographers

Frenzy Quartet
Devin Townsend






Ridley Bent

    •Wild Card

    •The Blood Trilogy

    •Rabbit On My Wheel

    •Buckles and Boots

Jim Byrnes

    •Long Hot Summer Days

    •Everywhere West

    •My Walking Stick

    •House of Refuge

    •Fresh Horses

Steve Dawson

    •Lucky Hand

    •Solid States and Loose Ends



    •Waiting For the Lights To Come Up


    •Dear Father

    •Afaid To Sleep

Jenny Whiteley


    •Forgive Or Forget

John Wort Hannam

    •Brambles and Thorns

    •Queen's Hotel

    •Two Bit Suit

Old Man Luedecke

    •My Hands Are On Fire

    •Proof of Love

Jane Siberry

    •Ulysses Purse

    •Meshach Dreams Back

    •With What Shall I Keep Warm

    •Dragon Dreams
Barney Bentall

    •The Drifter & The Preacher

    •Flesh and Bone

    •The Inside Passage

    •Gift Horse

Leslie Alexander

    •Nobody's Baby

    •Garden in the Stones

Rodney Graham


    •Never Tell A Pal A Hardluck Story

    •Rock Is Hard


Plans & Disguises

Yukon Blonde

Tommy West

Multiversal Radio

Kylene Shannon
Amanda Thate

Richard Farrow

Brad Darrid

Jayden Holman

The Matinee
Chris Ronald



Wayne Horvitz
Kelly Joe Phelps
AJ Woodworth
Todd Fancey
Holly McNarland

Ron Samworth
Thinline Sid


    •Soft Machine

The Higgins

Arcadian Sons


Darcy Murdoch

Van Norden
Alpha yaya diallo

National Film Board of Canada
Barney Bentall and The Grand Cariboo Opry
Becoming The Archetype

Murmur Pictures
Cameron Latimer

Livy Jeanne

The Corey Weeds Little Big Band
Dave Douglas
Five Alarm Funk
Ndidi Onukwulu
Gord Harris H20
Fond Of Tigers
Shuyler Jansen

Hayley Mclean
Glenn Chatten



    •Live At The Genesis Theatre

    •Where You Need To Be

City Of Fire
Good Noise Vancouver Gospel Choir

Diamond Dust
Gord Grdina
Jesse Zubot
Kylee Epp

Blake Berglund

Tara Oram
Cat Toren

Kinnie Starr
Kat Danser

Sue Turner
Kim Beggs
Chris Gestrin
Leeroy Stagger
The Evaporators
Lions Gate Chorus
Francois Houle

Rollin' Trainwreck
Mark Petersen
Mary Kastle
Bramwell Tovey
Les Is More
Talking Pictures
Liesa Norman
Melody Unwinding
Mighty Aphrodite Jazz Band

Gordon Paul
Old Mans Beard
Rumba Calzada
Peggy Lee Band
Pauline Kyllonen
The Unexpected
Laura Crema

The Jardines

Garth Prince
Tom Taylor
Tim Vaughn
Stone Poets
Abandon Paris
Lisa Miller
The James Danderfer Group
Russell Wallace
Spy Girl
The Salteens
Standing Wave
Steve Smith
Vocal Works
Taylor James

Robin Holcomb
The Brandon Paris Band

Roxanne Potvin
The Hotel Lobbyists
Dave Hartney
Grant Miller
The Smugglers
Tony Wilson

    •A Days Life
Trevor Guthrie
Alex McKechnie
Viviane Houle
Ethan Collister
Wayne Lavallee

Paul Plimley
La Candela
Babe Gurr

    •Hearts Up to the Sun

    •Back Alley Porch

Artist Response Team

Billy Talent

Five Alarm Funk

Simple Plan
Bad Company
Built To Spill
Geddy Lee
Marilyn Manson
Roberta Flack
Jim Brickman and Michelle Wright
Sheena Easton

Farmers Daughter
Jerk With A Bomb
Melissa Manchester
Susan Aglukark
Jerry Granelli
Philip Bailey
Loudon Wainwright III
Jeffrey Osborne
Malcolm Aiken
Peabo Bryson
Rob Halford
Wild Strawberries
Black Mountain
Denzal Sinclaire


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