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Zed Productions is a full service production company offering the best studios and sevices to suit your project and budget. 

There are a lot of great rooms to choose from and often different studios are used for different stages during the recording of the project including our own mix room.


We can also help select the apropriate Mastering Facility and Engineer.


Zed Productions can also arrange or help you through your artwork, manufacturing and iTunes upload.  With a high number of albums being produced here we are able to find the best pricing and quality.


Zed Productions also specializes in Live and Remote Recording.

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I have been in the recording industry for over 25 years now, 17 of those as head engineer at The Factory Studios in Vancouver and now entering into year six with my own company Zed Productions.  During this time I have worked with a diverse range of artists and music like The New Pornographers, Doc Walker, Ridley Bent, and Tara Oram.  My heart has always been in music, If I am not recording music I am always thinking about it. My unstoppable work ethic and obsession for quality has proven itself over the years when artists and producers come back to do their records time and time again.  With many awards and achievements through the years my love for music continues to grow, I’m always looking for new opportunities and challenges.